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HP UPS Management Module

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HP UPS Management Module

I have recently rolled out several of these cards to our UPS's.

Despite some 'interesting' issues with Firmware upgrades (Use FTP!!, v1.30) we have managed to get these resembling something useful.

However, with the MM controlling server shutdowns, it seems there is an issue with serial vs IP comms.

IP connected agents (HP Power Protection Agent 4.5) function beautifully. Serially connected agents do not. (Mixed on UPS - DMZ servers monitored serially.)

During a power outage\brownout, the UPS kicks in, advises the Agents on all connected devices. Power returns, UPS goes off battery, and clears advisory on Agents.

Our problem: The serially connected devices never seem to clear the fault\recognise return to normal power, and consequently shutdown.

Question: Has anyone else seen this behaviour? Any resolution?

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Re: HP UPS Management Module

Havn't got a solution for you.

But you must beware, there's a time frame where cancellation of shutdown will not happen.
It's kind of difficult to explain, so here's an example:

You have set a shutdown delay at 5 minutes.
UPS loose input power, and sends a shutdown command for the servers.
The agent on the server starts its downcount.
The inputpower return after 4 min 45 sec.
The UPS cancel shutdown, but its too late to stop the agent from shutting down the server.
I don't know how wide the time is, but it's there.

I fixed a setup some years ago.
The customer made a redundant setup.
3 UPS 5 servers MSA1000, LTO autoloader.
he wanted redundency, different shutdown times, automatic and indvidual delayed restart.
We did that using the serial ports, serial relay agents and the old HP rack & power manager.
It worked perfectly, it event took advantage of the power conservation mode.
It is depented on the network switches be kept running, at least untill the servers begun the actual shutdown.

We learned that the count was 13 secs. delayed on the servers, compared to the UPS, and that gap, where cancellation wont happen.

There is 1 issue, the serial port on the server is also used as CLI for the ILo. So must disable the ILo CLI:
You do that on the ILo homepage, also here you can set the ser to power on, when power return.

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