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Re: HP UPS Management Modules repeatedly dying

Jason D. Ross
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HP UPS Management Modules repeatedly dying

I have several AF401A UPS Management Modules that are being deployed to my environment with R3000 XR UPS's. I am experiencing a high rate of failure on the cards after installation. The card will be installed, flashed with new firmware (1.3 for me since the host machines are Win2K) and then configured through the web interface. Within a day or two, they will stop responding on the Ethernet interface, i.e. SNMP and the web management page are not available. If I flash the card again, it will reappear on the network for a few hours or perhaps a day, then die again. I managed to load the 2.0.5 firmware on one as a test, and it failed again within a couple of hours. I also have left some of them at the factory 1.20 firmware, and they have also failed. Any help would be appreciated!
Brian Vo
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Re: HP UPS Management Modules repeatedly dying

Do all modules experience the same problem?

The HPMM (Management Module) Ethernet port supports auto-negotiate mode only. Make sure your Switch is configured to the same auto-negotiate speed, not duplex mode only.

-When problem happens, did you see the red LED flashing on the module? when hit reset button, could you resume log in through the web?

-What is your R3000 FW version? upgrade it to 2.02

Jason D. Ross
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Re: HP UPS Management Modules repeatedly dying

Thank you for your response! No, all the modules do not behave in the same manner. I have several that are in the

exact same configuration (as best I can tell) and have not experienced the problem. The ports on which the modules

are connected are all configured for 10Mb/Half duplex; I can have them set to auto-negotiate, but again, I have

several with this config that are working fine.

According to an engineer at one of the facilities where the module has failed, only the green light is illuminated.

I had the engineer reset the card, and that did bring it back to life (for the time being.) Also, I had one that I

thought I had fixed by flashing the firmware to version 2.0-- it ran fine for about a week and a half and then just

died suddenly a couple of hours ago. The firmware on the UPS itself is already at 2.02.

This is a very strange problem; any help would be appreciated!
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Re: HP UPS Management Modules repeatedly dying

I also purchased 6 of these very same cards along with six new R3000 XR UPS systems. Out of the 6 cards 3 have failed. One failed after several days. Two worked fine during configuration as soon as they were put into production one does cannot be accessed because it now thinks it has a MAC address of conitnual FF's. The second card could be accessed via the URL but would not allow you to login. If attempting to reset the password via the RJ-45 port the config page froze!. Can you please provide with the link to download the firmware. Thanks
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Re: HP UPS Management Modules repeatedly dying


Have you found solution to this?

We have 4 UPS 2 of the unreachable after couple of hours uptime. We have replaced modules and updated firmware, but no luck.

Link for firmware:

Any help appreciated