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Re: HP UPS Network Module

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HP UPS Network Module

Hi guys!


Could anyone help me?

I'm setting up my HP UPS R7000 with HP Nework Management Module. 

I've set my lan ip settings (including smtp mail server) via the web interface. After reseting, the module became unavailable via browser.  

I have tried to connect with console cable I just see that console is rebooting all the time with ERROR 13.

What should I do? Is there way to reset the module to system factory defaults?



Re: HP UPS Network Module



Do you see reset button on the network module?

Otherwise, You can remove the module by removing the screw that hold the module and reseat it back after few seconds and then verify the ip settings if it is still in tact.


In case if it comes up, i just want to know the firmware version of the network module


I work for HP.