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HP UPS R/T 3000 G2 Battery Test Failure

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HP UPS R/T 3000 G2 Battery Test Failure

Hi Everyone,

I'm in need of help here. I've a HP UPS RT3000 G2 with additional 1 ERM installed.

This UPS has been running for 2 years already without any issue. But just few days ago, I realize in there are an error of "UPS Battery Test Failure" with the Battery Fault LED flashing

I've tried to follow the manual :

- Remove and Reinsert the module (For all 3 module - 1 UPS and 2 ERM)

- Wait for the battery to be charge (?) for 48hours

- Initiate a self-test (Press and hold Test/Alarm Button for 3 seconds)

But it still return no good result. The Battery Fault LED is still flashing and the Fault alarm is still there.

Is this mean that I need to replace the Battery module ? And if Yes, how can I know which module do I need to replace ? Whether it is the module on the HP UPS or the ERM Attached (in the ERM we also have 2 module installed - how to determine which one)


Thanks Before.

Any reply / help will be greatly appreciated