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Re: HP UPS R3000XR - battery hasnot been being charged

Tony, Lim
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HP UPS R3000XR - battery hasnot been being charged

I have been using HP R3000XR Rack type UPS since 2 years ago.
days ago, suddenly I met some battery failure message and it seemed to be discharged totally.
I called HP service and replaced spare battery which HP sent.
but it still had same problem.
Even I ran UPS in Stand-by mode to charge, it had shown 0% of charge.

I did replace it again when I received another battery from HP.
at this moment, it shows only 15% of charge even it has been charged for 3 days.

as of now, 1st and 3rd LED is red, and 5th LED is flashing green due to standby mode.
Even I did self-test, those three alerts shows again.

Would somebody let me know what's wrong with this UPS ? is this really battery issue ? or UPS itself ?
S M Belshaw

Re: HP UPS R3000XR - battery hasnot been being charged

Not quite the same, since my R3000XR was showing 95% charged, but dropped power to equipment as soon as utility power was lost. My point though is that, at least in the UK, these units come with 3 years warranty that covers the unit as well as the battery module - something I didn't realise until I'd bought a replacement battery module.

Once I'd put the original batteries back and had the same fault, HP first replaced the battery module with another, then the whole unit and collected the faulty one.