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HP UPS monitoring

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HP UPS monitoring

I need to monitor about 20 HP R3000XR UPSes. They have SNMP cards so can be connected to network.
What software do you recommend?

I've tried to install HP Rack and Power Manager, but it fails with Java error. Tried different versions of Java - all with the same error...
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Re: HP UPS monitoring


Which OS are you running HPRPM on? Which Java error did you get? You may try to uninstall any JRE version on your client browser machine and try to browse to HP Rack and Power site again. That will prompt you to install a particular JRE version. Also, browsing to different websites using different JREs from the same machine could be problematic.

One question. You mentioned monitoring UPSs. Do you need to manage power shutdown on the protected servers as well? If you would give me some more details on your setup and monitoring/managing requirements, I would be able to recommend a solution.

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Re: HP UPS monitoring


I have tried to install HPRPM 1.1 on Win2k sp4 server and on XP Prof sp2 workstation as well. It gives "Fatal Application error" - Invocation of this Java application have caused an Invocation TargetException.
Tried to uninstall Java, installed recommended 1.4.2_02 and 1.4.2_07 as well - all with the same error.