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HP USP R/T3000: Can't get the Agents to connect.

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HP USP R/T3000: Can't get the Agents to connect.

Hy there,


I have a R/T3000 (Gen1), as mentioned in headline, I have a similar problem THIS user had.


But other than his, my devices are already in "attached devices".


I attached the test-server's current config.
The server is running a Windows 08 R2 with the current version 5.0 of HP UPS Power Protection Agent, where I use the USP's IP as management module 1 and set the second module to "No Server".Connection of UPS to Server is via Network.The UPS is connected to our intranet via Management Module's LAN-Port (just to asure you, I got the right one ;) it is the right duo, which are separated from the other 8 RJ-45s). The server is, of course, also connected to our intranet, I can ping from server to UPS with correct responses.Still my PPA can't connect. Is there an obvious mistake I just don't see atm ?