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HP power manager and T1500 G3 INTL

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HP power manager and T1500 G3 INTL


I have a T1500 G3 INTL (AF451A),

I downloaded the last HP power manager for Windows XP,

The T1500 is plugin to the computer with USB port (We don't have serial port),

And, HPPM doesn't see the T1500 G3 !

How to do ?


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Re: HP power manager and T1500 G3 INTL


Have you Installed the Management Server software.There must be one Management Server for each UPS.

Management Server - Install the Management Server on the computer that is connected to the UPS serial port or USB port. In a networked configuration, you can install the Management Server on any computer on the network that is powered by the UPS. This Management Server will communicate with the UPS and manage other systems and devices connected to the UPS.


NOTE: Devices must be managed by a single Management Server.


Once you have installed the management server, you will be able to configure USB port connected UPS



Please ensure:

Before installing the software, be sure that the serial, USB, or network cable connecting the UPS to the Management Server is properly installed.

If the Management Server is connected to the UPS through the USB port, verify that the UPS is detected by the operating system.

You can also refer to the guided troubleshooting of HPPM from the follwoing link:

HPPM - Installation - Windows - Installing Management Server



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