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HP powertrust ups serial connection

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HP powertrust ups serial connection


I have recently been given a HP Powertrust A2994A ups, built like a tank and quite old but should serve me well.


However I cannot get HP Power Manger to connect with it. After a lot of time trawling the net I have been unable to find either a manual or the serial port pin outs as I gather these are non standard serial cables.


Has anybody got a copy of the manual or know what the pin out should be.


Many thanks


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Re: HP powertrust ups serial connection



What do you want to connect to it? If You want to connect it to a D-series, you should use 5061-2575, which is a
9 pin female to 9pin male.


Thanks !



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Re: HP powertrust ups serial connection

There are 2 cables listed:

5061-2575 RS-232 cable, DB9 9-pin male/DB9 9-pin female (2.5 meter)

5061-2569 RS-232 cable, DB9 9-pin male/DB25 25-pin male (2.5 meter)

Hope this helps!

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Re: HP powertrust ups serial connection

Many thanks to both of you for your swift responses.


That confirms the cable I need however they are not that commen or easy to get hold of.


So I thought I would make up my own thats the reason I want to know the pin out.


I will be connecting to a windows server so it will be db9 male to db9 female.





Update, found the pin out in another old UPS manual for any interested its


5061-2575 Pinout
DB-9 DB-9
Male Female
UPS        Host
1 RX <--- 3 TX
2 TX ---> 2 RX
9 GND <--- 5 GND