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HP1000 RTE-A Error Message

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Mike Hostetler
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HP1000 RTE-A Error Message

I have been assigned the task of identifing what this error message that was found on an HP1000 means:

LU 59 FA ST = 1000B
Error = 0B/0B 65535 0B 20000 B
Parm = 225 65535 65535 10423

Can anybody help me identify what is causing this error. It locks up our HP1000 and upon reboot, everything is ok until the next episode which can be a couple of hours later or almost 11 months later.

Where can I go to research the errors? I know that you need the type of error (the first line) and that you need the Parm Information, but can anybody tell me where I get a resource that will identify what is going on?

Lost in old technology and any help is greatly appreciated!!
melvyn burnard
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Re: HP1000 RTE-A Error Message

Although this forumn is for HP-UX. I will try to point you in the right direction.
You appear to have a hardware issue, where a drive (logical unit 59) is failing. Possibly a tape drive?

You need to log a call with your local HP support office.
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Bill Hassell
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Re: HP1000 RTE-A Error Message

It's been 12 years since I've touched RTE but here are some basics:

LU 59 FA ST = 1000B

LU 59 is a disk with a serious problem. FA means FAULT and ST is STATUS. This disk is having problems and may soon be completely dead. Make sure you have a known-to-work backup of everything, then identify the bad disk, replace it and reload needed data. Knowing which track and sector is bad or that the disk had 423 bytes corrupted won't help with the troubleshooting process. Call HP to get it replaced.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin
Graham Cameron_1
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Re: HP1000 RTE-A Error Message

Only a year or so since I last touched an HP1000.
Bill is dead right, you ahve a hardware fault. The Error and Parm numbers can be looked up in the driver ref manual for the disk driver (DD*33) but basically your disk is failing.
If you need help with backup, restore, post again.
- Graham
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Re: HP1000 RTE-A Error Message

Also I would appreciate if you can help me about this error,  my project is completely stopped .

*LU 16 FA ST=10000

ERROR= 377 0 1000 0 20000

PARM= 377 177777 177777 24000 0

I/O device error on LU 16 The reason is:

Drive Fault

Device has been downed ( use UP, lu to try recovery)

Disc LU is down 16