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HPE InfoSight for Servers

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HPE InfoSight for Servers

HPE InfoSight for Servers is now available. A few people jumped on it the day it was released and reached out saying they weren't seeing any data yet. Specifically, they had registered the iLO Amplifier with InfoSight but were not seeing anything. Here are some tips and resources to make sure you have it set up correctly. 

  • A great starting point is the Getting Started Guide. For deeper information, there is the User Guide.
  • You have to actually configure iLO Amplifier to connect to InfoSight.  There’s a configuration dialog in iLO Amp where you configure that and it requires a port to be opened and most likely a proxy servers to be configured. 
  • The heartbeat data for each server is transferred every 10 minutes and should show up in that time.  The AHS data is transmitted once per day and could take 24 hours based on the number of servers.  If you’re having issues seeing your servers, see the Getting Started Guide and troubleshooting section of the User Guide.

For an overview of HPE InfoSight for Servers, see the article on our Server blog titled HPE InfoSight: Playing in a league of its own and now available on HPE servers.