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HPE R5000 Email Alerts

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HPE R5000 Email Alerts

This question concerns our HP R5000 UPS'. I didn't know where else to ask this question. We have 4 HP R5000 UPS'. I am trying to setup email alerts but I am not having any success. All ths UPS' are on firmware version 1.02.0026 and communication board firmware 1.02.0022. All of the network and smtp settings look correct. We use GMail for our email service. To make sure the smtp traffic is allowed through the firewall I created a rule to allow all traffic flow in both directions to the UPS'. I created a NAT rule also.  When I send a test email I see the traffic on our firewall, but I never recieive any email. I tried to setup SMTP authenticaion on the UPS but the password is never saved. I put in the smtp username and password and select save but the password always goes away so I can't use this feature. Why won't my smtp password save? I don't know if I need to use smtp authentication but I also don't know what else to try to get the email alerts working. Thanks for any help.


Re: HPE R5000 Email Alerts

Hi Brad,

For getting the email alert from an UPS, make sure the inhouse SMTP server is used.

In case, absence of own SMTP server, you may have to use the third party SMTP relays to communicate with the generic email provider (Gmail, Hotmail, etc.) while setting up the email alert from UPS.



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Re: HPE R5000 Email Alerts

Thanks KK.