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HPE R5000 UPS Shutting down prematurely

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HPE R5000 UPS Shutting down prematurely

I can't find much info on these devices, aside from what is in the instruction manual, which is not helping. I even opened a ticket with HPE and they seem stumped as well.

We have a HPE R5000 UPS with 3 ERMs connected. I have things configurd in the network module (Shutdown Parameters) to shutdown after 420 seconds if the battery capacity is under 20%..

When I test the UPS by removing its power source, the UPS shut down after about 7 minutes, even though battery capacity was still above 90%.

Digging through the settings, there is a setting that I can get to in the LCD called "Automatic On Battery Shutdown", which can be configured for both segments. I configured segment 1 at 580s, and segment 2 at 600s.

I again removed the power source, this time the UPS ran segment 1 for about 580s, then shut it down, and kept segment 2 up for 600s then shut it down (as is to be expected.). This tells me that the UPS is honoring the number in the "Automatic on batter shutdown" setting and not what is configured in the network module.

The issue is that with the ERMs we have over 9 hours of runtime on this battery. Is there any way to disable the "Automatic on battery shutdown", and only have the UPS honor the settings that are configured in the Network Management Module?

When I spoke to HPE, they suggested rasing the setting on the LCD above the estimated runtime, but that comes out to over 32,000 seconds. There has to be a better way to fix this than pushing the up button on the LCD over 32,000 times per segment. 

I can't find a way to target that setting in the Network Module, or by connecting to the management card via it's console port. 

Can anyone offer any assistance? Thank you!


Re: HPE R5000 UPS Shutting down prematurely

Dear User,


Please review the Shutdown parameter settings from the Network Module user guide from the below link

Configure shut down and restart section from page 36

Please share the HPE support ticket number to review the case details

Please reply with an update

Thank you

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Re: HPE R5000 UPS Shutting down prematurely

Thank you for your reply. I think that was the answer. I was being stupid I guess and reading the settings as "Shutdown in x seconds if the battery reached 20%", unstead of realizing the UPS takes both settings into account and if either threshold is reached it will initiate shutdown. 

Thank you for the direction, it looks like I just need to 'RTFM' more thoroughly!