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HPE Servers and Pricing

Is anyone else seeing some pretty steep price increases from HPE on Proliant, especially in the the last year or so? I notice it on the hardware cost, but especially so on their warranty uplifts. I've raised the issue with my VAR and they're telling me that HPE is saying the orders aren't large enough to qualify for much/any special pricing. I can see that as we're usually ordering 1-3 at a time, but in the aggregate over a year between Proliant and Nimble Storage, we're probably around $500k most of the time. I realize we're a small fish in HPE's pond, but it still seems like they should want to keep our business. Meantime, Dell is consistently 30-40% less on similarly spec'd servers. I've always liked Proliant and I really do not want change storage vendors, but this is getting pretty hard to justify. Not to mention, I'm constantly talking to our Dell team and they've been much more attentive to our needs while I don't even know who our HPE account rep is. Even when I did know I only spoke with him twice in six years. I will say that the Nimble side of the business is much better. Curious to hear your experiences...

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Query: HPE Servers and Pricing

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Re: Query: HPE Servers and Pricing

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Re: HPE Servers and Pricing

@verdas ,

Till you get a response from the community, please also chat with HPE Sales team and they may be able to assist aswell.

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