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HPE T1500 G3 - Both battery icon flashes and continuous beeping fault

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HPE T1500 G3 - Both battery icon flashes and continuous beeping fault


im new to this forum and I hope that this post was put in the correct category.

Anyway, if the power outlet is disconnected from my UPS - it dies instantly, as do my computer.

My computer draws about 70 watts when it is connected so it is not a high load to the UPS.

Whenever the computer is connected and I do the "self test" - the computer instantly dies and the UPS beeps continously while flashing the battery LED and the "dead battery" LED.

In the user guide troubleshooting this indicates "The output voltage is below of above the limit while the UPS is on battery".

Does anyone recognize this problem or understands what is wrong?

Foremost I'd like to know if my UPS probably would function if I buy a new battery - or if the UPS is malfunctioning and could be declared dead.

PS. if I only connect a small load to the UPS - about 5-10 watts, then the "self test" finishes without any warnings...

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Re: HPE T1500 G3 - Both battery icon flashes and continuous beeping fault



In your case, the battery on your UPS is probably past it's serviceable life.

You didn't say how old your UPS is but my experience with numerous UPS systems is my rule of thumb has been the UPS "Power Cord Pull" with a computer running.

If it instantly dies then the UPS battery is no good any more.

Replacing a battery on a UPS is very expensive because I find in many instances the replacement battery alone costs about as much if not more than an entire new UPS would cost.

So, unless its a large commercial UPS system then buying a new battery really is not worth it.

I have quite a few UPS units that exibit the same syptom as yours and they all need new batteries.

I keep them around just for parts. in case anybody I know needs replacement parts for any perticular model.

The UPS that I have in my server room is an APC $50,000 rack mount commercial unit so replacing batteries on it is not an option.

Anyways, you should probably go and buy another UPS instead of messing around with your failed one.

Nowadays, UPS units are fairly inexpensive. 

I mostly use and recommend the APC (American Power Conversion) UPS 's.