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HPE Warranty not correct to date of purchase from AMAZON

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HPE Warranty not correct to date of purchase from AMAZON

Hey guys,

New to the forum so please go easy on me if i sound un educated on these matters.

Basically we have purchased a few servers from amazon brand new. But when we have gone to check our warranties on the HPE warranty checker it is say that we are already 1 to 2 years into our warranty. 


Is there anyway to get this updated to be correct to the purchase date from amazon. We contact amazon but they are not being very helpful. We can provide invoices etc for proof of purchase. 


Many thanks



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Re: HPE Warranty not correct to date of purchase from AMAZON

That recalls me a discovery I did too few months ago after the purchase of a brand new HPE ProLiant DL180 Gen9 from an HPE Distributor (read about it at the end of this topic): from what I understood the Warranty starts always at (your) purchase date but the "time window" for access to software/firmware looks tied to the Warranty starting date that HPE set in the past with respect to your (mine) real purchase date...I could be wrong but HPE Distributor explained me this issue this way (something like: Support access is Support access, Warranty is Warranty)...a problem I see in this way of reasoning is that when the "fake" (IMHO) warranty automatically pre-set - by HPE - time window will end (as per MySupport report) but the unit is still in its real Warranty period of time (less than 3 years of use after my initial purchase) which way I will be able to access Support portal for that unit (for Firmware/Software downloads) if HPE will consider that period ended before its natural's end? Will I forced to manually call HPE on my conutry...prove the real purchase date so they grant me remaining weeks/monts to access the Support again? real mistery.

I'm not an HPE Employee
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