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HPE iLo fan and temperature monitor

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HPE iLo fan and temperature monitor

I'm trying to find some way to monitor our server's hardware status. Like fan speed, temperature, etc.

We have a lot of HP servers G9, G10, running windows Servers, and ESX.

My requirement is to monitor and email the fan seep, temperature every 5 hours interval. Gone through some scripts, HPE site cmdlets however could get the same.

Is anyone have a script to monitor and email notification, will be a great help. Thanks in Advance.


Re: HPE iLo fan and temperature monitor


We would suggest to use iLOrest tool. The RESTful Interface Tool (iLOREST) is a command-line interface that allows you to manage Hewlett Packard Enterprise products that take advantage of RESTful APIs. For this release of the tool, you can manage HPE Gen9 servers running iLO 4 version 2.10 and later and Gen10 servers running iLO 5 version 1.20 and later through iLO RESTful APIs. You can install the tool on your computer for remote use or you can install the tool locally on a server with a Windows OS or Linux OS. In addition to using the tool manually to execute individual commands, you can create scripts to automate tasks.

iLOREST can display and set parameters for the following:

HPE BIOS/UEFI (including secure boot)
HPE iLO 4/iLO 5
HPE iLO Repository
Smart Array support
iLOrest tool
Steps To Use iLOrest tool:

Download and install “ilorest-3.2.1-45.x86_64.rpm” utility from below link.
RESTful Interface Tool for Linux

Once ilorest-3.2.1-45.x86_64 utility installed, execute below command to switch to ilorest prompt.
[root@localhost bin]# ilorest

iLOrest : RESTful Interface Tool version 3.2.1

Copyright (c) 2014-2021 Hewlett Packard Enterprise Development LP

iLOrest >

Login to iLOrest using below command.
iLOrest > login


iLOrest > login <iLO IP Address> -u <iLO User Name> -p  <iLO Password>

Discovering data...Done

iLOrest >

Execute below command to get complete Server component information
iLOrest > serverinfo

For more information please refer below links.

RESTful Interface Tool (iLOREST)

RESTful Interface Tool 1.50 User Guide


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