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HPE-server, SR-IOV, drivers and Hyper-V in Windows 2016 server

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HPE-server, SR-IOV, drivers and Hyper-V in Windows 2016 server

How will it look in the Network settings on the host and in the VM when SR-IOV is enabled correctly?

You need to use the Virtual switch to achieve this anyway?

I think I read that the Virtual switch will take over if there are no PFs on the card available?

Using a 10 Gbit HPE 562 SFP+ 2-port network card. I found latest i40ea (VP?) driver and a v40a (VF?) driver.

The latest v40a (VF?) driver should be installed only on the VM? Or is VPs and VFs available through the Virtual switch network interface in the VM? It doesn't seem to be enabled for install in the 2019.03 SPP (with added latest drivers/firmware for the ML 350 and the card) but maybe it will not be installed until firmware/drivers are upgraded first? NVM version is 0.0.0 on the 10 Gbit card now before SPP firmware upgrade.

Got the SPP working now but at install time of the 10 Gbit card the defaults wasn't working.

Have an older but capable HPE server Gen 8 machine available to test SR-IOV but haven't looked for any special drivers. "Cloned" a Server 2012 R2 from the same machine to a VM but maybe before installing the SPP drivers/firmware from latest Gen 8 (for this older ML 350(?)) SPP.


Re: HPE-server, SR-IOV, drivers and Hyper-V in Windows 2016 server

Please ref to Technical white paper.

Configuring SR-IOV

And Intel PCI-SIG SR-IOV Primer white paper.

Update the driver and the firmware for Windows 2016 Host, from the latest SPP2019.03 and reboot the Server for the update to get effective.

Or you can also find the latest driver and firmware from the HPE driver download page.

The SPP 2019.03 does not support or include all the required driver and firmware.

for Gen8 Server, hence you need use SPP gen8.1 or find the driver and firmware for the adator from the HPE driver download page.

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