HPE servers

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HPE servers

Hi I want to buy 2 HP servers for a project I have in Fiji, I want only what is specified to keep the cost down. HPE ProLiant DL 560,   Gen 10,   two Intel Xeon 5220 processors,   P408i-a storage controllers,   8SFF,   64GB dual rank memory,   2 off  1600W power supplies, 256GB DDR4 memory,   4 off 1.6 TB SAS 12G 2.5" SSD  (1.8 TB ok),  MS server 2016 (2016 is specified, 2019 would be ok, go with the cheapest option),   also asked for is Windows Defence Advanced Threat Protection,    Microsoft Exchange server 2016,   VMWare vSpace Essentials Plus Kit for 3 hosts.   Microsoft Windows Server and Exchange Server to have a licence for 200 users.

A 5 year license and maintenance contract is required for the server and software.  Note the specification dosn't specify the type of maintenance so standard or basic is required.

I also want to buy 85 HP computers and Audio Visual equipment total estimated value $500,000.  

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Re: HP servers

Hi @ChrisP3 

I would recommend to talk to the pre-sales team using this link HPE Sales Chat and they will be able to assist you with this.

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