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HPE warranty support has strange rules

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HPE warranty support has strange rules

Hi there

I just wonder if anyone else has experienced the same...
Each time I open a case at HPE and I mention the name of our company, HPE support requests a proof of purchase and photos of the server and it's serial number tag.

The reason for this is not that we have a bad reputation nor that we are selling stolen goods or something like that. The reason is simply that HPE does not like successful competitors and they try to impede us as much as they can.
For example we can only get warranty parts that come with a technician. Before HP started to treat us like that, it was no problem to get parts by mail Well that does not bother me much. It's on HP's expense if they want to send a technician with every disk drive or RAM module.
Fun fact... one of HPE's support engineers once told us that this is also annoying for them. He gave us the hint not to use our company name or email because every time he enters that in his system, a "special treatment" message pops up and this makes everything more complicated than necessary.

I'd just like to know if someone has ever experienced a similar treatment from HP...?

"If it seems illogical... you just don't have enough information"
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Re: HPE warranty support has strange rules


Thank you for giving us feedback on your experience with HPE support tools and resources. I'm so sorry for the issues you are experiencing and apologize for any inconvenience that may have caused you. Feedback like this helps us constantly improve our customer experiences by knowing what we are doing right and what we can work on.


I am an HPE employee
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Re: HPE warranty support has strange rules

Thank you for your answer.

I got this interesting answer from another HPE supporter:
"Thank you for contacting the HPeSC Usage Support team for EMEA.
Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience. Please note that depending on the issue you are reporting, those documents might be needed for verification or clarification. The details listed on the proof of purchase help us support your issues and enquiries better."

I must answer this...

I know that the real reason why we constantly have to supply all kind of documents and pictures is a completely different one. There is also a reason why we only get parts together with an HPE technician.
I remember well the times when we were HP  partner. Things were so easy. A short call, a serial number, a description of the fault and the next day we got the replacement part by mail. No problem....

But then HP realized that we want to do business our way. And they cancelled partnership because we were too successful, too competitive. And since then things were getting complicated.

I positively know that HP supporters get a message on their screen as soon our company name is entered. I don't know the exact wording of that message but it means that every step must be taken to give us a hard time when dealing with warranty repairs.
This is a purely politically motivated decision which has nothing to do with "improvement of customer service" or similar.

And I just wonder if this is an isolated case or if others experience the same...


"If it seems illogical... you just don't have enough information"

Re: HPE warranty support has strange rules


Is this normal procedure to open a case is to send the PO and a picture of the serial #s?   We have servers at a remote datacenter that is several hours away in each direction that we use for disaster recovery.   Luckily, we never had to call support yet.  I just want to know,  because that would be a deal breaker for future purchases.

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Re: HPE warranty support has strange rules

I once had a case with a Gen8 (brand new at the time) and a defective power supply. I called HP support and told the guy that I already exchanged  and that I need a new one.

Instead of sending me a new power supply (under warranty of course), he told me that, because I fixed the server, it is no longer defective and therefore this is no longer a warranty case...

Well, I must say I was impressed by this simple logic: I fixed the server, the server works, there is no more defect and no reason to give me a replacement Yes it's my fault.... so stupid.... why did I tell them that I fixed it? Why should they send me parts for a working server?
My god... how much money we could save if we use that logic for our customers. A hard disk has failed? But the RAID is still working? Well then... call again when the server crashed. Good bye.

"If it seems illogical... you just don't have enough information"