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Hard Drive 625030-001 625031-B21 625140-001

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Hard Drive 625030-001 625031-B21 625140-001

I am shopping for some NEW SAS 3TB drives for my DL380eG8 server.  I've been using Seagate ES.2 & ES.3 drives which work great.  However most that are available below $100/ea are ready to be scrapped.  Run hours exceeding 48K.

I found some 625030-001 625031-B21 625140-001 drives but know nothing about them.  No mfg part numbers.

What are these and would they work as well as the ES.2 or ES.3 drives from Seagate?

I'm using these in a TrueNAS system that uses an HBA, so drives are not configured in hardware RAID.  TrueNAS takes control of the RAID Array.  My goal is simply reliability....



Re: Hard Drive 625030-001 625031-B21 625140-001


If you are planning to purchase 3TB SAS drive for DL380eG8 server refer the following link which has list of supported / compatible drive part numbers:

Do check with HPE Sales Team before you proceed with purchase.

As far as drive description is concerned:-
625030-001 - DRV, HD 3TB SAS 3.5 DP 7.2k 6Gb-SGT
625031-B21 (625140-001)- 3TB hot-plug dual-port SAS hard disk drive - 7,200 RPM, 6Gb/s transfer rate, 3.5-inch large form factor (LFF), midline - For use with Gen7 or earlier models

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