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Has Anyone Gotten HP Power Manager to Work?

Peter Jam
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Has Anyone Gotten HP Power Manager to Work?

I have been fooling around with HP Power manager for longer than I care to think.


I have an HP R5500 UPS with three HP servers on it. I just tried updating the firmware to 9.1 and the SmartStart software to 8.5 on the 360G4p it resides on.

I am protecting two DL360G4p and one DL360G6, the program is currently on one of the DL360G4p with Windows 2003 Std 32-bit.

It connected for a while after I moved it from the other DL360G4p through Serial Port.  No matter what I do now it won't connect and it has been so long since it connected I'm not even sure it uses the default port 8008.

The problem is that the UPS doesn't keep the servers up for long when there is a power outage so the time needs to be increased.


I uninstalled version 4.20 and installed version 4.30 same story.


Any ideas?



 I really would like to get this mess fixed, anyone??


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