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Help me choose an UPS

Srini SankaraNarayanan
Occasional Visitor

Help me choose an UPS


Can anyone suggest an UPS for HP rx4610 (Itanium) server? We have 2 of these. The UPS should support NEMA 5-15 plug type power cord. Any help is really appreciated.

Dries Bertier
Respected Contributor

Re: Help me choose an UPS

We always use APC UPS. You can configure and order your UPS on the site : . Just enter server and you server type, specify your amount of servers/disks etc and the tool will suggest a few types that will satisfy your needs. I think you'll need a 2200VA UPS and probably an extra battery for longer up time when there is a power faillure. You can try it on the site. Good luck,

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Mark Vollmers
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Help me choose an UPS


we have an older server, but also use APC. we had to buy the powerchute software as well, but that allows for controlling of it (shutdown times, automated testing, etc). Works slick for us. You could always call them and they should be able to tell you what size. Depending on what the server does, you might need more or less battery, so that will dictate size as well.

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