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How can I achieve the DICOM Alignment

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How can I achieve the DICOM Alignment

The question is quite simple, we have many DICOM serial images, for same patient for sure. I need figure out the image of the same location in the body in different serials and compare them. Let's assume the image parameters like pixel spacing, slice thickness, etc. are the same. But the patient may moved after each scan.

How can I achieve the image alignment?

Actually I got a parameter "slice location", I heard its a DICOM3 attribute, let's say we always have this one. Is the image with same slice location means the same position on the body? I heard the coordinate system is based on patient's body, how can we define the origin point on patient's body? I believe the origin point should on the scan machine, which called world coordinate, isn't it?




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Re: How can I achieve the DICOM Alignment

Can you provide more info on which HPE product you are referring to? 

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