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How to replace an ERM module AF464A on a UPS R7000?

Thomas Martin
Trusted Contributor

How to replace an ERM module AF464A on a UPS R7000?


I've found different information on how to do this.

The user manual says on page 43 that you can easily disconnect the cables and disconnect the ERM module from the UPS. The new module is then just as easily connected.
When I read the installation instructions for the ERM module AF464A, page 4 onward says that I should switch off the UPS completely and disconnect it from the wallet outlet.
Who can describe the correct procedure for replacing an ERM module?


Re: How to replace an ERM module AF464A on a UPS R7000?


Good question, BTW, I would recommend to put the UPS into Standby and then replace the ERM.

Per QuickSpecsThe UPS R7000 is modular in design, and both the battery and the electronics modules are hot swappable. HP UPSs are designed with simple access through the front panel. Users can safely install new batteries without ever powering down connected server and server options.

Thank You!
I am a HPE employee
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Thomas Martin
Trusted Contributor

Re: How to replace an ERM module AF464A on a UPS R7000?


I forgot that I have asked in this forum. I got an answer from HPE USA two weeks ago, that the ERMs are hotswapable.

"Per our Engineer it is perfectly fine to install replacement batteries/ERMs while the UPS is in service (hot swap) and expect to have reasonable backup time immediately. We have never see any HPE (Eaton) batteries delivered with less than 80% charge (typically greater than 85%). And assuming there is no need to go on battery power, the batteries will be fully charged (greater than 90%) in 4 hours or so."

From the support I got a second information that you can change the UPS in Bypass mode for the replacement. I decided to activate the Bypass mode of the UPS. Then I changed the ERM Modul. After that I deactivated the Bypass Mode. The Bypass Mode can only set in the front panel.

The standby mode of the UPS was not acceptable for my customer. Because standby means no power at the outputs. So you will have to plan a downtime if you plan with standby mode.