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Hp Proilant 360 Gen 8 P420i

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Hp Proilant 360 Gen 8 P420i

The server I have consists of 2 logical devices. The first one with raid 0 (I haven't configured ) with 2 disks for OS (VMware 6.5) the other is for storage raid 50 with 6 disks

I had no issue booting up OS  (VMware ) at the beginning however the storage (2nd Logical device had an issue).  I checked smart array configuration and there were no physical nor logical disk issues. I removed the second logical disk (6 disks ) from the bays and rebooted and there were still no issues. After booting a couple of times the server is not booting at all. 

Even though there are no logical or physical issues on the array why I can not boot the server?

What would be your suggestion?



Re: Hp Proilant 360 Gen 8 P420i


I would suggest to reboot the server and go to Intelligent Provisioning > Smart Storage Administrator(Press F10 during POST ) and then set boot logical volume correctly .

Also set the boot order correctly in RBSU

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