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Re: ILO 4 factory reset without any access ?

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ILO 4 factory reset without any access ?



I am definitely looking for a solution to the following issue :

I tried to configure an ILO on a HP ProLiant XL170r Gen9 within an Appollo 2000 frame, which does not give any physical console or display access, and after the ILO reboot I completely lost access to the ILO card.

I am, then, looking for a way to factory reset the ILO card with some kind of physical action (pressing on/off button for 10 seconds for example).

As for now I just completely lost access to my server !


Any help would be greatly appreciated :)


Additionnal information : No OS is currently installed on this server.

Jimmy Vance

Re: ILO 4 factory reset without any access ?

I'm going to assume the chassis or the node ships with one of the blade type dongles that allows you to connect keyboard/mouse/video locally on the system.


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