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IP Console Videoresolution

F Rademakers
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IP Console Videoresolution

We've installed a number of PCs (total of 8) on an IP Console switch. In the meanwhile the video, th e colors and the perfomrance is real slow/bad.

I've tried to enhanced all Graphical and Mouse setting, just to get a better performance but it doesnt work.

Are there any suggestions?

Steven Clementi
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Re: IP Console Videoresolution

Make sure you have the latest firmware on the console and all your adaptors. This might not fix your problem, but it should help.

Also, if you can set the nic to 100full (if you haven't already) and make sure it is connecting at 100F, that should offer some improvment.

Otherwise, what is the network environment like? Heavy traffic?, maybe you can put it on a different network, a management network maybe?

On the off chance that your talking about the resolution and distortion you seeing locally at the console, if you set your servers video refresh rate to 1024x768 - 72Hz, you should have no probelms lcally.

Let me know if any of this helps out.

Steven Clementi
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