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IP Console - removing bad interface adapter

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IP Console - removing bad interface adapter

We have the IP Console KVM switch thingy, and ended up with 2 bad interface adapters (RMA'd overnight by compaq). Problem is, the switch is remembering the broken adapter's serial number and there seems to be no way to delete it from the list. So, I get to stare at them when I hit print screen. And one of them was named the same as a server so I have two like entries. Very annoying! Anyone know how to delete them?
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Re: IP Console - removing bad interface adapter

I am having a similar problem, mine is where I thing I have one bad Interface Adapter, because I cannot establish a session to it, so I do not know what server it's going to. The other is that I have to 'ports' or Int. Adapt. that go to the same server. Anyone, have a clue?
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