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Re: IP KVM Issues & A DL585

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IP KVM Issues & A DL585



I'm accessing several DL585G1 servers on an HP IP Console Switch 1x1x16, via the HP IP Console Viewer, version


My only issue is that the mouse cursor within the server's session does not trail the cursor that I'm using on my desktop.


This issue spans different operating environments (SmartStart or Windows), and reproducible on two different Windows systems operating the console software (Vista or Windows 7 (both 32-bit).


Be advised that the cursor functions on the kvm keyboard work fine, as well as keyboard input using the IP Console Viewer.


Software versions on the kvm:
Application         03.00.01
Boot                04.00.00
Digital/Application 03.00.01
Digital/Digitizer   00.00.24
Digital/FPGA        01.00.100
Matrix FPGA         03.00.03
UART FPGA          192.192.00
VIDEO FPGA         128.128.144


The kvm has not been power cycled or undergone a soft reboot.


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Re: IP KVM Issues & A DL585



You can try the following:

Aligning the cursors
If the cursors no longer respond properly, you can align them to reestablish proper tracking. Alignment causes the local cursor to align with the cursor on the remote server.
CAUTION: If the server does not support the ability to disconnect and reconnect the cursors, then the cursor becomes disabled and the server must be rebooted.
To align the cursor for most operating systems, click Align Local Cursor in the menu bar.

Mouse tuning
To have the mouse pointers synchronized, you must change the mouse settings on the target server you will be controlling remotely.

Synchronizing mouse pointers
When viewing a server attached to your console switch, the viewer displays the mouse pointer of the accessed server and the mouse pointer for your local computer by default. The pointer for the server follows the movement of the local pointer.
To maintain pointer synchronization, the mouse speed and accelerations must be configured correctly on the target server:
1. Set the mouse speed to 50%.
2. Disable the mouse acceleration.
3. Synchronize your mouse pointers through the local port on servers attached to console switches.

Windows operating systems
To synchronize the mouse pointers for Windows® operating systems (using the default drivers):
1. From the desktop, select Start>Setting>Control Panel, and double-click Mouse.
2. Select Motion.
3. For Windows Server 2003, set the Speed setting to 50% (default), and then clear the Enhance Pointer Precision option.

NOTE: HP recommends that all Windows systems attached to the console switch use the default Windows mouse driver. 


For the troubleshooting chart please refer to the manual at (Page 259)

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