IP address

Roger Mork
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IP address

need to change IP address on the HP secure Web Console and also on the rx2620 server. Origional IP addresses were taken away and used on different servers
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Re: IP address

use the command
set_parms ip_address
to change the system address, or if you do not want to use command line, it can be via SAM

I beleive you need to get into the MP to change the web console ip address
Hein van den Heuvel
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Re: IP address


That would appread to be a hardware question, nothing much to do with HPUX.

Read the documentation and follow instructions?


For the RX2620, just hook up a serial terminal, either real, or a hyperterm from a windoze and follow the menu.


Mel Burslan
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Re: IP address

secure web console is not the same thing as the MP connection. There was a few pages long writeup about how to change the configuration of this box years ago when I used it. Only thing I remember is, you need to unplug it and wait about a minute or two and before you plug its power back on, you hold down the only key, which lights up when the power is applied and wait until it either goes into a flashing mode or lights up in a different color. Then your secure web console was reset to the factory settings with a default IP address, something like (don't quote me on that, just ask HP if you do not have the exact information). Then you connect this box to a pc, using a crossover network cable and point your browser to this new ip address. Should be smooth sailing from that point on.

hope this helps
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Re: IP address


Log a Query call with hp and get a help from solution centre. Call HP -Toll free number and say you wan't to log a query call.