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IP console 3x1x16 mouse problem

New Member

IP console 3x1x16 mouse problem

I am using the ip console both local (direct connection to Mouse/key/display) and remote (with HP ip console viewer)
The problem is when I use the remote client the mouse I duplicated on the screen (remote and local) but not sync.
This means that when I tray to work with the remote mouse it skips out of screen
I have used IP KVM consoles in the past (not HP) and it was fine but my local dealer has replied that this is how it supposed to work

i have upgraded the firmeware of the device and port to the latest -



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Re: IP console 3x1x16 mouse problem

Have you found a solution for this problem?

It seems to work just fine for us from our NT 4.0 Servers - 2k and 2003 both seem to exhibit this mouse synch problem.
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Re: IP console 3x1x16 mouse problem

hi Scott

yes i found the answer

se attach file

send me an e-mail if it worked or if you have any more questions