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IP console 4x1Ex32 LDAP

Neal Bowman
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IP console 4x1Ex32 LDAP

I have recently received 2 new IP consoles, 32 port (AF622A). When I try to setup the LDAP settings, the provided documentation is severly lacking. I am able to muddle my way through and make it work by creating user accounts, user groups, and console "computer" objects within a single OU. The problem is the enterprise has user accounts in one OU, groups in another OU, and "computers" in another OU.


Has anyone been successful in getting this LDAP integration to Microsoft AD to work without compromising their standards?


There seems to be a lack of communication among the HP product managers, as I have four different LDAP settings for 4 seemingly related products (ILO, Onboard Administrator, Virtual Connect, and now the IP KVM.) Can HP come together to provide a consistent, or closer integration between their products?