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Insight Power Manager - 2 questions (c-class & 580)

Brian Hahne
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Insight Power Manager - 2 questions (c-class & 580)

I have a few DL580 G5's, but they say that Insight Power Manager doesn't support them, after I've licensed these with ICE. I looked at the IPM white pages and DL580's don't show as supported. When can we expect support for these?

Also, I see that Onboard Administrators in c-class chassis are supported. I don't really understand this configuration. I've applied ICE for Bladesystems to my c-class blades themselves. Is it better to just do to the OA? Is the OA a separate license? Please clarify this for me.



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Sharath K S
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Re: Insight Power Manager - 2 questions (c-class & 580)

Hi Brian,
IPM depends on the iLO hardware. So we need to get support from iLO.

Well, if you need enclosure level power consumption data then you can monitor using IPM. IPM does not require License to monitor enclosure level power consumption(no license required for OA).
Blade level monitoring is required if you want to monitor each individual blade's power consumption. You can also change power regulator states using IPM.

Hope this helps.