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Installing Lansafe III

Jim Spencer_1
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Installing Lansafe III

I have an HP L-1000 running HP-UX 11 with a Compaq UPS. I am trying to install Lansafe III that I downloaded from the HP website in file SP19802.exe.
I have try expanding it in windows and copying over to unix to install but it bombs out saying;
"Installing Install.ls3 to /usr/ls3 ... cp: cannot access ./INSTALL.LS3: No such file or directory
Install failed. Exiting"

I have tried copying SP19802.exe to Unix and expanding it but it says;
"sh: /usr/Lansafe/SP19802.exe: Execute permission denied."
This has me puzzled because I have execute permissions to the directory as root.

Anyone have any ideas?
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Charles Holland
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Re: Installing Lansafe III

First thought was that you were trying to load a windows application onto an HPUX machine. This by the .exe extension. I personally haven't seen this before on HPUX. On this link it indicates that it will work on Unix but not specifically HPUX.
Yet on this link it does specifically support HPUX.
You mentioned you had execute permissions to the directory. Do you have the execute bit set on the file?
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