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Integrated Keyboard Drawer programming?

Andrew Sutton_1
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Integrated Keyboard Drawer programming?


I've got an Integrated Keyboard Drawer, HP model 257054-B31.

The problem I'm having is that I can't seem to do a middle-mouse-click with it.

On another system, I've got a TFT 5600 RKM, which seems to have the same keyboard/trackball arrangement. On it, with the up-arrow button located below the trackball, it will middle-mouse-click. See illustration.

Does anyone know how I can program the Integrated Keyboard Drawer to have the same up-arrow button = middle-mouse-click, just like the TFT 5600 RKM?

Thank you for any advice you might have,

Sunil Jerath
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Re: Integrated Keyboard Drawer programming?

Hello Andrew,
Please drop me a line at and I shall email you the Guide since it's too big to be posted here. Please let me know if it was helpfull.