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Intermittent Power Supply Failure


Intermittent Power Supply Failure

Having an Intermittent power supply failure over a short period of time? Frustrated cause your server is having multiple downtime? 


Worry not HPE support is at your disposal 24x7. But do a self-check before approaching Support.

1) Check for your RACK power output (only if you are proficient and know what you are doing !!)

2) Make sure that you change socket of your PDU for your present server

3) Run a regular (weekly/half weekly ) service on your UPS and monitor the output power. High chances that the server PSU is not receiving the operating range of supply and PSU is tripping intentionally to protect server internal HW.

4) Multiple time we get query stating a DELL or an IBM is running on the same and they are just fine why HPE.? We will not be able to comment on other server brands as we are unaware of what range or technology they use. We at HPE take the highest care for the safety and have built our PSU with a certain fail-safe mechanism to protect your server from any electrical Hazards.


Still feel there is an issue persisting? Feel free to approach our Support centre and one of our engg will definitely look into your issue and assist you.

Regards, AVI
CSCB ISS L2 Engineer - EMEA
Global SCupport Delivery
Technology Services, Enterprise Group

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Re: Intermittent Power Supply Failure


I've an intermittenet power supply failure signal on my HPR Proliant DL380 G5 laways on my bay n.1 .

I tried to change the power supply a few months ago but nothing changed.

From the "Integrated management log" of ILO2 I can count how many "System Power Supply: General Failure (Power Supply 1)" and "System Power Supplies Not Redundant" messages server write each week. It seems to be totally random!

Here attached the first two pictures of the IML log but I can go on longly...

I've just made my self check as suggested but nothing changed!

Where is the problem?



Log 1/??Log 1/??Log 2/??Log 2/??