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Issue configuring multiple UPS Management Modules (AF401A)

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Issue configuring multiple UPS Management Modules (AF401A)

Hi All!

I'm having some trouble configuring multiple new management Modules. I've configured IP Addresses and updated the firmware of all modules to 2.1.11 this worked fine so far. After I'had configured one module, I saved the config.bin and tried to upload the file with the flash utility (v3.0.5) the other MMs. The utility displays a message about a successful transfer and that the MMs are now flashing and rebooting. But they don't, no reboot, no changes in the config, no entry in the log, no message via console. A manual reboot didn't help. I also tried an other config file and restored a MMs factory defaults and only changed the IP via serial. But the new config is still ignored.... Does anybody got an idea?


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