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J3525-60102 Pinout

New Member

J3525-60102 Pinout

Please, can anyone provide me the pinout of J3525-60102 cable?.

Thanks in advance

Re: J3525-60102 Pinout


J3525-60102: X.21/V.11 cable

X.21 ( occasionally written as X21 )is a specification for differential communications that that includes the definition of connector pin allocations. It is used together with V.11 to define a specification for serial synchronous communications at up to 10Mbps. A variant of X.21 called 'circuit switched X.21' is now no longer in use except for a few legacy systems.

Signal Name DB15 Contact Supported on FarSync cards
Shield 1 Yes
Transmit (A) 2 Yes
Control (A) 3 Yes
Receive (A) 4 Yes
Indication (A) 5 Yes
Signal Timing (A) 6 Yes
Byte Timing (A) 7
GND 8 Yes
Transmit (B) 9 Yes
Control (B) 10 Yes
Receive (B) 11 Yes
Indication (B) 12 Yes
Signal Timing (B) 13 Yes
Byte Timing (B) 14
Unassigned 15


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