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KVM? - Forget Logitech!

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KVM? - Forget Logitech!

While putting together a new server room I decided to go wireless for the Keyboard and mouse. Being a longtime Logitech fan I went with the EX110 wireless desktop. It has PS2 connectors which is what I need with my Belkin KVM switch. It arrives and I hook it up. Works great!

Go to change to another system and, hey where's the scroll lock key?

Logitech has decided that they don't have to provide standard keys on their keyboards. The scroll lock key has been a standard key since nearly the dawn of computing. sheesh. What idiots!

Alas, I'm no longer a Logitech fan. What key will they drop next? the num lock (oops, they already did that on a couple keyboards, maybe the caps lock, or maybe the print screen)?

If you buy Logitech keyboards make sure you fully research beforehand, including all the keys. They don't tell you so be prepared to start studying magnified marketing pictures.

Can anyone recommend a good wireless keyboard with PS2 connectors, non ergo, decent range, AND A SCROLL LOCK KEY?


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Re: KVM? - Forget Logitech!

now that is poor! not heard of that before, what are they thinking!!