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KVM IP Console Switch G2 doesn't boot

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KVM IP Console Switch G2 doesn't boot

Hello everyone!


I have an IP Console Switch that doesn't seem to be booting properly.  On the system itself, the OSD never comes up, also the network interface doesn't seem to connect.  However, the power/activity light starts up and remains lit as though it is running normally.  Also, when first turned on, it looks as though it's performing some sort of POST.  (The NIC link lights activate then, as part of the booting).


Now looking up Avocent IP KVMs (the company that originally manufactured the device before HP resold it), it looks like it has a recovery mode where it will claim as itself and automatically try to grab firmware from a TFTP server running at, but I've never seen it try, even when I have the tftp server and the KVM on it's own switch.  I've even connected them directly with a cross over cable, without success (and, the tftp server, running win XP shows that the network connection is offline - so it looks like the link lights are correct).


One final note, if I connect to the serial port, I can see the following message "Verifying subsystem flash versions...", but no other activity.  I used 9600 baud, 8 bits, one stop with no parity.  I've also switched between XON/XOFF and RTS/CTS flow control.  (I'm using putty to make the connection).


Is there any other way to perform a firmware recovery on the unit?  For instance, would I be able to xmodem updated firmware into the thing?  Or, is there a way to break out of the regular boot sequence and drop down to the rom level and perform the (apparently) built in tftp recovery?  I've tried sending a break to the unit as it was booting, but it's always possiblt that the unit just isn't listening.