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L2000 A5191B with no Console Output

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L2000 A5191B with no Console Output

Hi Everyone,

I have two A5191B servers that have no console output or POST when they are powered on.

There is a level 8 alert that pops up when either server is plugged in prompting me to acknowledge it. The alert shows the below.


SOURCE: 6 = platform

SOURCE DETAIL: 6 = service processor   SOURCE ID: 0

PROBLEM DETAIL: 1 = selftest result

When the servers are powered on the attention light does come on, but after scrolling through the event logs it goes away and the VFP shows that the system is running normally with only the power, remote, and run LEDs on. 

I have two A6146A CPUs in slots 0 and 3 and two A5798A memory kits installed in each server. I have dip switches 3 and 5 switched to on for the 550 MHz processors. I have also tried 440 MHz processors and changed the switches to their dip switch configuration as well with the same result. I have flip-flopped around eight total CPUs in and out of both servers and made sure the CPUs and CPU slots are all clean and in good condition.

I have three GSP revision As and several GSP revision Bs that I have tried with the same result.

An interesting tidbit I have seen is when I first installed the GSPs and powered the servers on they showed a different CPU configuration than what I had installed. While I had the CPUs in slots 0 and 3 the GSP showed I had them in slots 0 and 2 or another GSP showed I had them in slots 0 through 4 out of eight possible CPUs. Why would there be eight possible CPUs when there are only four slots?

I then returned the GSP to defaults and even replaced the CMOS battery to see if that would help and every GSP I have done that to shows no CPUs installed afterwards when the servers are powered on. The VFP shows that everything is still running normally even when the GSP is showing no CPUs installed. 

Everything seems to point to the GSPs, but I have tried so many different GSPs, CPUs, and have two different servers doing the same thing with the variety of parts I have installed so I feel like it could be anything and that I am definitely missing something.

I would be very grateful for any direction anyone can give me. These are the first L2000s I have dealt with and it hasn't been a lot of fun :^)