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LanSafe III setup on HP-UX

Tony Everitt
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LanSafe III setup on HP-UX

I am trying to setup a Compaq T1000h UPS with an 810 server, running HP-UX V11.00, using Lansafe V4.16 III Power Monitor.

I get "Communications failure with UPS" in the Power log file. The ls3 daemon is running,I am sure I have set the tty port correctly and am reasonably sure the cable is correct.

Any ideas?

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Re: LanSafe III setup on HP-UX


I am aware, this post has been sent a time ago and what's more I am not writing any helpful answer, just reporting the same problem...

Did anybody experienced the same problem and resolve it...?

I installed LanSave III on SPARC Solaris 2.8 box (no SNMP Agents nor OpenWindow enabled!) - just pure text interface.
after ps -ef|grep ls3, ls3 process appears to be running, but when trying to call ls3con
,prior to receiving the message that Power Monitor is not running (which is not true!), I get "timed out" message...

What's really bizzare, sometimes however ls3con starts successfully, but behaves really strange...

Can anyone help? I'd be thankful for any suggestion...
please also

Youlette Etienne_2
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Re: LanSafe III setup on HP-UX

Sajda, Tony:

This to answer the lansafe problems that you were encountering, if you have not already resolved it. To resolve these problems on an HPUX system, I had to do the following:

1) Lansafe could not be installed on an HP-UX system running OS version 10.20

2) We have a very old UPS that could not communicate with the Lansafe III applciation installed on an HPUX server with 11.0 OS

3) I eventually installed Lansafe III on a Windows NT workstation as the group controller, connecting the PC to a small APC UPS. I setup the Unix servers as members. I also needed to purchase the cable from Powerware.

After these were done, I no longer received the "Communications" and "Power monitor not loaded" messages.

Hope this helps.
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