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ML350 GEN9 no power, PSU fan working


ML350 GEN9 no power, PSU fan working


no power, PSU fan working
I changed PSU and Backplane

What can it be?

Now what impresses me most is not having HPE support because there is no contract, DELL, APPLE, MICROSOFT, FUJITSU and others at least basic support for normal doubts.
And the service is not done by technicians, a screening is done before, and then maybe IF YOU HAVE A CONTRACT, transfer it to the technician.
I know the world is CAPITALIST, but not giving a basic support of possible causes is frustrating it is for sure the first and last time, as it is the last and only HP SERVER.

Basic support to doubts is cordiality for new businesses, my doubt was what the possible causes of the problem to solve.

if anyone can help thank you.

Thank HPE her lack of support.

phone support that chatboot suggested to call.

HP Call Support 707 201 703 "PORTUGAL"
Service provided by HUGO

Serial number: CZ2608**
Product number: **6973-4**


Re: ML350 GEN9 no power, PSU fan working



Please follow the troubleshooting steps as per below guide 


HPE ProLiant ML / DL Series Server - Troubleshooting No Power Issues 

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Re: ML350 GEN9 no power, PSU fan working

all options tested, no result