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ML370 G3 with UPS R3000 XR - problems

New Member

ML370 G3 with UPS R3000 XR - problems

We've installed the Insight Manager 7 on the ML370 (running Windows 2000 Server) that came with it.

Then we wanted to install the Power Management Software (release 1.81) that came with the UPS.

Documentation tells us to start :\INSIGHT\ENG\SETUP.EXE

But when we do that we get an error that it needs Insight Manager version 3.20 or greater.

We've got Insight manager 7 installed ! What's going on?

Any help appreciated.

Martijn Klimstra
the Netherlands

Re: ML370 G3 with UPS R3000 XR - problems


the insight manager 3.20 refers to the management agents not the console. Do you have the latest Proliant support pack installed as well as the IM7?

is a good place to start.