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MP Web Access and NAT

Gord Moore
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MP Web Access and NAT

I am really beginning to be a little aggravated at network guys. We had the web consoles working (browser to the MP lan port that brought up the Teemworld Java Applet). They now have moved the server behind a router doing NAT. I have to use the new ip address in the browser location bar, and I see the status line trying to connect to the old ip address, but then it times out without anything else.

I can telnet to the new ip address, and using LS see that the MP's lan ip is still the old address.

So it seems that the Teemworld app wants to connect back to the source, but the address doesn't get NATed back. Is there a way to change the Teemworld config, or am I stuck with Telnet?
Gerhard Roets
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Re: MP Web Access and NAT

Hi Gord

Ask thew network guys to set up "full static natting" for you for those specific devices.

Personally I preffer the telnet method ... easier for copying and pasting.