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Re: Management/API for UPS NME 1Gb (Q1C17A)

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Management/API for UPS NME 1Gb (Q1C17A)

Hi Folks,

i'm looking for a way of centrally managing UPS-Models with 1 GB NMC build in (Q1C17A).

In the doc I only see the possibility to patch the firmware via sshpass, but that's it.
The features of this NMC's have quite a bunch of nice features which would be very handy if you could manage them centrally. I my case I would like to utilize Scripting to do:

Ex/Import of Configuration-Files
Generation of CSRs with customized info
Import of CA-Certificates
Basic LDAP-Configuration
Configuration of Mail-Notifications with SMTP-Authorization

Is there something available, which I missed so far or is in the works ? (latest Firmware is almost 1 yr. old)

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Re: Management/API for UPS NME 1Gb (Q1C17A)

OK, seems like the UPS Units / Management Cards are rebranded from Eaton and they offer IPP (Intelligent Power Manager) which might be suitable for managing the HPE branded units as well.

I'm not sure, whether it supports the newer 1Gb NMC Cards (Q1C17A), as they are not listed on their HCL and the older cards (AF465A) are missing the "central config / upgrade" tick .. which would render the
As HPE is "3rd party" for Eaton it requires more expensive gold licenses  (talking about 100+ units here).

Does HPE also have an own branded version of that software ?


Re: Management/API for UPS NME 1Gb (Q1C17A)

Scripting we won’t support, since customer need create scripts as per individual there requirements


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