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Re: Managing cc3310

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Managing cc3310

Hi all,

I cannot find a software/tool to manage resources on server HP CC3310 running with Windows Server 2003. I'm looking for a way to detect Lan, Disk and Power Supply status via SNMP traps. Something like Insight Management Agents.

Someone can help me?

Re: Managing cc3310


Im not expert on this product. probably will ask HP Moderator to move it to the right forum.

however, I see there is an HP Carrier-grade cc3310 server Information Diagnostic and Utility Resource CD which is shipped with the server.

support document on hp website

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Re: Managing cc3310

Hi aftab,

I installed the Information Diagnostic and Utility Resource CD some days ago, following all the doc I found but it's not so useful.

From what I understand it integrates with the Windows event log, but for each event an annoying popup appears on the screen (you need to click for closing). Moreover it doesn't send trap for disk failure and about power supply all the traps are generated without PSU index indication.


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Re: Managing cc3310

Some more links for HP Carrier-Grade Platforms: