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Max Raid Size Raid5 on G10

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Max Raid Size Raid5 on G10

Hello all,

I build a Raid 5 with 8*4TB SSDs on G10 DL 380 (Controller 816) succesfully. -> 25TB

But while filling the Raid with data by rsync. the System (Ubuntu 18.04) stuck and I had to Cold Boot.

Is there a limit on Disks / Raid or have I do special commands on gdisk oder mkfs.ext4

thanks in advance

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Re: Max Raid Size Raid5 on G10

Hello All,

may be I was a little bit nervous about the crash.

The reason maybe was that, the Raid 5 was not initilized enough. I created the Raid and within minutes I started Rsync.

  So after two minutes the Server crashed. Today sync is ongoing.Hopefully finished in two days.

In case of a second crash I will post again.





Re: Max Raid Size Raid5 on G10


Thank you for the Post.

If any issues seen on the Storage end, it could be cos of the Array Controller and or Drive firmware.

Would request you to check and update the Array Controller Firmware version to 3.00 or above.

(In Gen 10 Server Array Controller firmware version 2.65 and previous versions were having issues and been removed from the Site.)

Thank you

Ramkumar K S

I work for HPE

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