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May 15th Expert Chat on Support Automation


May 15th Expert Chat on Support Automation

Do you have the right support you need for your new IT reality?  Register now for the HP Expert Chat on Support Automation  to get the answers you need.  This  HP Expert Chat event  is focused on how innovative support automation strategies can enable the proactive support needed for the new IT reality. This interactive, online event will feature HP experts ready to answer any questions you may have about these new tools and what changes you need to make as you modernize your infrastructure through convergence, virtualization and the cloud.


Tommaso Esmanech, Director, Automation Strategies, TS Support with over 16 years of IT support experience, will provide an overview on the top support challenges companies are facing and how HP is revolutionizing support to offer new innovations in support automation and proactive support.


Register now for the May 15th Expert Chat on Support Automation.

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